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Steering commitee:

  • Gary Grant, John Emery, Russell Mckenzie, Trevor Ryan & Keith Scott


  • Event Co-Director, Operations and Competitions: Gary Grant
  • Event Co-Director, Sponsorship and Public Relations: John Emery
  • Ballarat Regional Tourism: Robbie Burns
  • Secretarial - Steering Committee: Karen Grant
  • Secretarial - Motor Sport: Mandy McKenzie
  • Chief Steward of the Meeting: Brian Kays
  • Steward of the Meeting: Ian McKenzie
  • Steward of the Meeting: Gary Harrowfield
  • Clerk of Course; Officials Coordinator & Infrastructure: Russell McKenzie
  • Assistant Clerk of Course 1: Mick Goossens
  • Assistant Clerk of Course 2: Ben McKee
  • Secretary of the Meeting Peter Bready
  • Chief Timekeeper: Keith Scott
  • Chief Grid Marshal: Murray Rogers
  • Chief Scrutineer: Ian Brain
  • Chief Track Marshal: John Austin
  • Chief Paddock Marshal: Dave Stewart
  • Paddock Marshal: Peter Stapleton
  • Manager of FIV; Emergency Services and Safety Officer: Rian Holden - EMS
  • Fire & Rescue: Clinton Smith
  • Car Parking: Randall Lourey
  • Public Address: John Emery, Brique Reed, Ron Simmonds, Charles Rogers & Don Kinsey
  • Media Coordinator: Bob Watson
  • Food & Beverage: Graeme Scott
  • VIP Hospitality: Helen Emery
  • Motor Show: Trevor Ryan & Noel Trengove
  • Model Expo: Russell Jackson
  • Anniversary Dinner: Ian Fry
  • Show and Shine Judges: Gary & Karen Grant; Graeme & Yvonne Smith; Dale Everett; Fergus McPherson, David Head, Kim Graves and Mike Hibbins.